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Miele CSO XL vs XXL

John H
7 months ago

I know there are a few threads on this, but they're all pretty dated, so wondering if there is any new intel since many more folks have purchased Miele CSOs.

We are set on purchasing a Miele CSO but can't decide whether to get XL or XXL. We'll have a Lacanche range with two of the smaller ovens, so plenty of other oven space, and therefore are leaning XL. However, we're still wondering whether we'd value the extra row for trays if cooking a lot of veggies, cooking for a large group, etc. We are a family of four but entertain often.

For those who have recently purchased a Miele CSO, did you go XL or XXL? Are you happy, or do you wish you went bigger, or smaller? Thanks!!!

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