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Do you like to wear hats?

2 months ago

I dispise them. Probably because I had to wear them in the Air Force. Even now sometimes I will feel like something is missing from on top of my head when I leave my house. I do the same for glasses I no longer wear, but had worn since I was 9 years old. I've pushed non existance glasses up before when driving my car.

Anyway, found out a couple weeks ago I have cataracts and so decided to get some sunglasses to wear while gardening and a sun hat. I hate the sunglasses especially since I sweat and they slide down my nose. If I wear them too long I get headaches but I try to wear them when it's really bright out. Last night I bought a sunhat from L.L. Bean that wasn't too awfully expensive and the reviews said it was lightweight. It has a strap and adjustable band to fit everyone's head so that may help.

You should've seen me trying to measure my head with a metal tape measure. lol. I can't find my plastic sewing one anywhere. I was looking at other sites that actually had head measurements but decided against those after reading reviews.

Anyway, do you like wearing hats? I guess it's a good thing I bought one since I also have thinning hair and don't need sun exposure up there and have a spot on my ear already that needs looking at.

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