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Rooftop Roses Spring 2022

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I keep trying to post this in the Spring Seasonal thread, but I guess it's too many pics and the post keeps crashing, so rather than making twelve different posts there, I will put them in their own thread instead.
Summer has started early here in Malta, after a very rough Spring when most of my roses were heavily damaged by sandy, salty, gale-force winds that left many almost completely defoliated. They bounced back, just in time for the aphids, sawflies and leafcutter bees to present a new challenge. I am amazed at these roses for being so resilient and blooming in spite of everything!

So here are my roses this spring (and a couple of other things), I guess I'll post them in the order that they arrived in my garden.

The little rose that started it all for me: Poulsen Victory mini (I think this one is called Rakel?) that I got in early 2021 to put at the base of the grapevine.

By the way, this year for the first time it looks like that grape vine is setting fruit!
(Variety: Muscat of Alexandria, the oldest known white grape cultivar still in existence)

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