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Mounting new hinge plates on oversized 10mm holes in cabinet boxes

Sean T
29 days ago

Hi folks,

First off I want to say that I’ve been coming to these forums to guide me on my own DIY projects for months now! Love the community and the insights everyone brings. It was only a matter of time before I made my first post! 😊

I’m in the middle of updating my old kitchen and one of the small things I wanted to do was update the cabinet hinges to the soft close variety. Unfortunately, I found out that the replacement hinges I bought aren’t plug-and-play since my cabinet boxes have larger-than-normal 10mm holes to screw into.

The old hinges were secured to the cabinets using a dowel system attached to the mounting plate as pictured. Once it was mounted on the cabinet boxes, turning the screws on the hinge plate caused the threaded dowels in the hole to rotate and bite into the walls of the hole. Unfortunately, these old plates aren’t compatible with my new soft close hinges.

I’ve been looking for new inserts to use to fill 10 mm holes and enable mounting of my new hinges but I haven’t been able to find much besides these:

Does anyone have any other suggestions to make my new hinge plates work with the enlarged holes? And out of curiosity, is there a good reason for these cabinet boxes to have such large holes?

Thanks in advance!

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