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Open concept living furniture color and style

last month

I need help in choosing the color scheme for my living room and dining room furniture.

I am getting my living/kitchen/dining area renovated. This is an open concept L shaped area with the dinning room on one end and the Living room on the other both connected with single wall kitchen + island in the center.

The main kitchen cabinets are auburn wood color, the island cabinets are espresso mocha color, the baseboards+doors are natural cherry wood, I am using beige floor tiles and have painted the walls white. All appliances are chrome finish. I originally had the Artisan Beige couch from BOB's furniture. But not sure if it is a good idea to continue with the same beige color scheme, especially with kids and their sticky fingers!

Right now I have auburn, coffee and white colors in the room... what color will tie these together but not look too matchy. I was thinking of muted yellow but not sure.

I am not a professional and the renovation work is still underway so I dont have any proper photos to show. Here is a sketch of what my area looks like. Thanks for any help.

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