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Middle Class Chateau

last month

Hello, everyone. I’m here seeking information. In 1991 I built a modest middle-class suburban house (about 2200 s.f.) with blank white walls inside and high ceilings. Since then I have been laboring by myself (off and on) to transform this blank interior into something that looks like an 18th century French townhouse or chateau. This has included lots of gold leaf, ornamental panels, baroque doors/windows, ornate brass/metal hardware, ornate gold furniture, baroque pictures and frames, etc. The pic is my bedroom. Over the years I have searched periodically on the internet for other folks who have been, or might be, doing something similar. Really, my aim has been to find others with which to share stories, techniques, ideas and so forth. But in all my searching I’ve never come across any indication that there is anyone else out there doing this. Oh sure, I’ve seen people maybe doing a single piece of furniture, or a frame or two, or even a bathroom or bedroom. But no one doing an entire house. The law of probability leaves me fairly sure that I’m not the only one who ever had this idea, however. So…I’m posting this with the hope that another redditor may be involved in a project like this, or who might know of someone who is and could put me in touch with them. I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this.

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