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Nice to be back and what is new?

I am starting to read up forum again after over a year of absence.

So glad to see it is goin strong.

My update - we moved 45 minutes up north near WI border, move was kinda sudden one fall day I was planting bulbs and next spring was digging them out trying to move with me.

I took what I could from my garden. Now I have land but have no garden yet.

Lots of hostas diminished significantly and some did not make it. This spring I discovered plenty of standing water in beds so will have to regrade some land.

On positive note I have much more land to play with. New house is inside of forest preserve with all wildlife surrounded.

Last spring I got my last package from Gary only to find out he passed away a week later. Yesterday I found that Jeff Miller passed away as well. That is so hard to take in and think of fragility of life.


I spent last year remodeling new house and barely seen garden outside. Now I feel its time to get garden updated. Unortunately my move

was not organized so you will be all tired from my ID hostas threads. We had to remove our old oak prior to selling house and even that it was winter, crane, trucks and other machinery destroyed any labels that were in the ground. Oy.

This is one of my seedlings that I started prior to move. Red line has disappeared now that leaves are older.

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