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NEW: Back to School 2008 New Spectacular Seed Swap

15 years ago

Welcome to the Back to School 2008 New Spectacular Seed Swap. I want to thank all of those that have participated in the swaps over the last few years, and hopefully this will be the best ever. Welcome to all the newbies, whether you send in 10 packets or 300, you will receive alot of new items to try. Here are the guidelines for you:

1) All seeds are fresh from 2008, so this will be best for everyone. You can send from 10 packets to a limit of 300 total seed packets for this swap. Please sign on to join, after reading the following guidelines for the swap.

2)Please send a self addressed return envelope or enough postage for me to return seeds to you. All seeds must be turned in by September 30, if you are a couple days late that is okay.. I will begin to mail your packages beginnin the end of the first week of October. Once you sign on to join the fun, I will send you a email with where to send the seeds to.

3)Seed specific minimums per packet of fresh, new 2008 seeds are if they are large (10 per packet), medium (25 per packet), small (50 per packet), and tiny (100+ per packet).

4)Please send no more than 10 packets of the same variety of seed. The greater variety, and the more uniqueness of the content of the seeds, the greater your return will be. I will try to reward those accordingly to the content of the seeds in their packets.

5)Please list the seeds sending, and the number, this will help, so you will receive all different seeds. Please indicate kind of seeds you want. If you include vegetables, you will get a mixed bag, unless you want all vegetables.. If you send all flowers, you can can receive all flowers or mixed, or vegetables only. Flowers are greatest in demand, So please indicate your preference, and if you would like, a wish list, I will try to send as many as possible on your list...

6)Please sign on today, and start collecting seeds and packaging to get ready to send in by the end of September. I will do a fall seed swap, following this one, if you would like to be included in that one also, please let me know... and I will send you an update on that.. It will start at the end of September...

7) Most of all have fun, this is lots of fun, its been a blessing to make new friends and a blessing to keep in touch with all of my old friends. so sign up today, and before you know it, you will get a great surprise package in return before you know it...

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