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Primary suite addition layout help!

Gustavo Delgado
last month

We're adding a primary suite to our 1,200 sq ft 2br/1bath home. In order to make this happen we will be remodeling the existing bathroom from about 8x8 to ~4.75x8, to create a new hallway to the addition.

The current proposed layout is 16.6'x21.5'. We aligned it with the East side of the house so that it would create a private patio for the primary suite, but in order to have doors on either side of hte bedroom to access both the new private patio and our existing backyard, we've placed the bathroom and closet along the top of the space. My concern is that it now leaves us with a relatively narrow bathroom. And while the bedroom itself is a little narrow, I think the width of the room makes up for it.

All in all we are considering maybe aligning the extension with the West side of the house, only needing doors on the east side of the extension and placing the bathroom along the west wall to allow us a wider bath. However that leaves an awkward 2-3' space at the end of the bathroom which is too small for a closet.

Would love any thoughts. Here's the current proposed floor plan.

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