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Are Orange Marmalade and Forbidden Fruit the same

Ed Rushing
last month

So I received in a mail order last week some new Hostas. All were great and I have no problems with the plants themselves. However, I ordered Forbidden Fruit and the label on one of them was Orange Marmalade. All of the other plants matched what I had ordered. The one labeled Orange Marmalade matched the pictures on the website for Forbidden Fruit. I emailed the nursery and asked about this and they said that Orange Marmalade is the registered name and Forbidden Fruit is not registered, but they are the same plant. I did not want to argue and I am not making a big deal about it since the plants were all good but in my research, Forbidden Fruit is a sport of Orange Marmalade and is NOT the same plant.

Here is the hosta labeled Orange Marmalade that should have been Forbidden Fruit

Here is a Hosta that I got last year that is Orange Marmalade.

Does anyone have Forbidden Fruit and does my Hosta match what you have?


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