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Looking for dark pink rose suggestions?


First of all, I would like to thank all the wonderful rose suggestions given to me last year when I first planted roses. In the end, I planted 6 Julia Child, 3 Celestial Night, 1 Teasing Georgia, 1 Pretty Pink in Eden, 1 Lady Banks. They all turn out great except Lady Banks, which was suggested by the landscape company, but has only grown very little so far!! The pictures below are all taken today. I know how hard it is to try to pick a perfect rose out of thousands of varieties. Hopefully these will help other rose gardeners narrow down their choices.

Here is my question. With my new gained confidence, I want to plant more roses. I have decided on Oliva Rose Austin and want some dark pink or hot pink ones to go with it. I really like the color of Celestial Night, but want to try something different. I am thinking about Twilight Zone because our local nurseries sometimes carry it, but wonder whether they are as disease resistant as Celestial Night or the rebloom quality. Or do you have other suggestions that require no spraying and rebloom consistently. My success so far has convinced me that many of you here are more than experts!

Teasing Georgia: The bloom looks elegant and fragile.

Pretty in Pink Eden: The bloom is huge and it is covered with buds.

Celestial Night: The color is amazing. It is so deep and rich.

Julia Child: It blooms continuously from April to Nov.

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