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Id for the red hydrangea and questions on the blue one

I picked up a couple of blooming hydrangeas from Trader Joe's. They did have tags but the top of the tag for the red one was snipped off. The back of the red tag says propagation is prohibited so it probably still has an unexpired patent. The blooms are dark raspberry red. They are both mycrophylla obviously and from Kirtweiss green house.
The blue one is identified as Brestenberg.The label says it grows to 38 to 48" tall but elsewhere I found it to 5' or 1.5 m. It is reportedly hardy to zone 7, 6a, 5 (with some protection) depending on different sources. Also, flowers on old wood (is that true of all macrophylla?). It had good roots and I just uppotted it from 6" pot to a gallon+ using a mix of pine bark/peat/perlite. Question- how do I keep it the glorious blue it is. How often would it need Aluminum sulfate application and how much. Obviously, I will give it a bigger pot as it fills up its current pot etc but would it be safe to leave it outdoors on the balcony in winters (for the plant and for it to bloom which it does only on old wood)? How big should I expect it to get (I am stingy with pot sizes as I have limited space, the best it can hope for is a 12" pot if it lives long enough). For the red , an ID would help figure out hardiness etc, it is also supposed to get to 36-48" according to KurtWeiss.

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