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General Hydrangea question. (Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea)

9 years ago

Hi, first I'd like to say that I've never planted a Hydrangea or seen one up close so I'm new to these types of plants.

Today while visiting the local garden center I bought a 4 Gal Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea that I just couldn't pass. I came here to ask a few questions before I make a mistake with this plant. Here are my questions.

1. Do Hydrangeas die down to the ground each year or will the hard wood remain like my rose bushes? I'm in a 5B zone.

2. Will amending the soil help or hurt this plant? I know must people on here don't like amending the soil on trees and are vocal against it.

3. There will be a Rose of Sharon about 6' away from this Hydrangea, will there be any conflict between them or any other plant that I should avoid?

Any general info is much appreciated. Thanks

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