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Anxious about being the noisy upstairs neighbour

6 months ago

I've been renting an apartment on the second story for over a year now and about 3 months ago I adored a 9 year old cat. During the day the cat is mostly sleeping but once I go to bed the cat has moments of running around and meowing constantly till the early hours. I have placed carpet and blankets in the hallway and loungeroom floor and shut all the doors in the house except my bedroom, laundry and lounge and try to play with the cat before I go to bed to tire him out.
I've not received any complaints from downstairs and I've seen him outside and he's been polite and said hi but I'm still so anxious that's it's bothering him.. I'm unable to sleep and feel constantly anxious. I plan on moving out when my lease is up but that's not for another 8 months. Do I write a note/knock on his door to apologize about the noise? Really not sure what else to do

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