When does two or three in a hole equal, 'One Unhappy Baby Huey'?

Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA
9 days ago
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Well, I just planted two, trade gallon pot size, pretty smallish own root Bliss Parfumas in the same hole. I know Austin recommended planting three in a hole a while back for a quicker, bigger bush (I think they no longer guarantee their roses planted thusly these days).

What do you think of the practice: two or three to a hole? The crowns of my twin Blisses are about 6 inches apart. Will they grow poorly or nicely? Is what I did just a waste of money?

Whenever I got sent an own root rose with multiple cuttings, the most ever was three cuttings rooted together in a pot in the past, I would ease them apart. Then I would replant each one in its own gallon pot, grow them on for about 6 weeks to recover and gain size before planting in ground. I did so regularly, especially with roses from 'old,' Chamblee's Nursery. Mark Chamblee did a lot of in house cutting growns, taking his cuttings from mother bushes he had. He would normally put multiple cuttings together in the same pot. This way the chances of one cutting or even two failing, would still leave a saleable potted own root rose come marketable age.

Now a days, the trend is pushing towards nurseries buying rooted rose cutting plugs, in flats, and uppotting them to gallon pots or bigger for growing out to a sellable size.

Moses getting lazy?

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