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NJ zone 6-7 mid size 35 ft max evergreens?

NJ zone 6-7.

want to plant rows of evergreens along back and side fences.

I really like green giant arborvitaes are dense, cheap, very good for soil types (soil isn't too bad but does flood when rains a lot but am adding soil to fix that a bit), disease and insect resistant, etc but 50 feet might be too tall. I'm just afraid if a hurricane comes through or even a rare tornado that taller trees are more likely to fall/windthrow/snap and I don't want them falling on anyone's houses or sheds etc even though the tops are sorta whippy even when 50 ft and not like a maple or oak that'll likely destroy a roof but still 50 foot tree may cause some serious damage. Also I think shorter 30 ft max trees catch less wind and are less likely to fall.

I want something long lived, no one knows how long GGs live because they're new breed , the cedar they come from can live over 1000 years but the japanese arborvitae other half might only live about 40 years. I want something that will last like 80+ years if possible.

houses are about 35 feet from where planning to plant, so potentially 25 ft of tree on roof if falls is more than I want to risk. Some areas are only about 25 feet from roofs. Sheds and fences are close (planting along a fence) but not too worried about damage to those can be fixed much easier plus if falls during a storm isn't like a house that rain would flood it.

there are things like nootka cypress etc, but they're thinner than I prefer, and expensive like ~$200 ea and I have a 100 foot line I want to plant and 2 more 35 foot lines.

I don't want emerald greens, they only like like 40 years and we already had them planted there but I moved them to the side because they're also smaller than I want and extremely slow growing. I don't care too much about growth rate but prefer something somewhat quick growing especially if I have to buy them online as really small plants in order to not have to spend like $4,000 for all these trees.

I can get small 2 foot dwarf southern magnolias for only $25 and already planted 2 in the front but they're not as dense as I prefer.

I do want privacy and sound blocking but also just want a nice natural atmosphere and habitat. We had to remove a large silver maple that was rotting at the crotch, and now everything looks like the area was nuked or something compared to how it looked before.

Please suggest something that maxes like 35 feet but isn't like $250 each tree. Dense, can handle somewhat wet feet when rains, soil is dark and rich for about 18" then can get really clay-like. Full sun. Disease and insect resistant. also want ones that should live about 80+ years.

I read planting GGs closer will make them not reach full potential of 50-60 feet but also they won't root as well and might be more prone to windthrow.

I did plant a cluster of 3 of them in one corner so far and the other corner has 2 and I might keep the 3 in one spot but unsure if I want to do the whole line as GGs because afraid will fall.

Also in terms of width, they can and likely will be skirted or trimmed back for the lower ~ 8 feet and then they won't grow into the yard too much. I don't want something that drops cones or spiked holly leaves etc growing over the fence in case neighbors don't want that and end up malpruning and weakening the trees either.

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