Easy Spirit....what's it like?

Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA
25 days ago
last modified: 25 days ago

I have my eye on Easy Spirit to replace my Boleros. Yes, my Boleros! As free blooming as Bolero is; beautiful, fragrant, and long lasting of bloom; and the right height for its location in my rose bed, it's a black spotter. In my quest to eliminate all black spotters over the next few years, the Boleros, regretfully, got the old 'heave ho,' a few days ago. Their location at the front of the 8' wide, several bushes deep, rose bed, made their diseased foliage an eyesore.

Is Easy Spirit as black spot resistant as I believe it to be? Any other traits it has, good or bad that you can report upon, would be greatly appreciated.

A recommendation of a black spot free/resistant, white blooming, app. 30" tall (shortish), floribunda type, something like Bolero, would be helpful, too.



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