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Help selecting sod variety for Encino CA (San Fernando Valley)

Hello, please help us with recommendations for sod variety for two small sections of our backyard in Encino CA (91436). Both are small (~100 sqft each). Here is more info about our yard:

- We have a 30-lb dog that will access and use both areas so concerned about some wear since the remainder of this part of the backyard is all hardscape.

- Otherwise low foot-traffic areas on this grass area.

- Loamy soil (probably higher content of sand than clay)

- One area is flat and bordered by concrete and stone walkway. 6+ hours of sun in summer

- Other is situated between two juniper trees that block morning sun. 4 hrs summer sun in afternoon

- Gets hot here in summer. Hit 118 degrees two summers ago. Normally 90s. Drought conditions.

- Hardiness zone 10A and Sunset Climate Zone 19. Hot summers. Mild winters. Frost rare. 7.5 miles from coast.

Have been thinking about St. Augustine CitraBlue (newly available to SoCal) or Sunclipse. On the A-G Sod farm website looks like CitraBlue is a little better at keeping its color through Winter. Sunclipse slightly better shade tolerance. Or something like Celebration Bermuda. For the latter, slightly concerned about sun exposure for the area between Juniper trees.

Thoughts please about best variety for our yard, climate, dog and shade tolerance?

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