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Refill + repair 20-year old Trane A/C, or full replace?

2 years ago

New homeowners of about 1 year. We knew from the beginning that our home was coming with a Trane furnace and A/C installed in 2001 that was likely near the end of its useful life.

During seasonal checkup prior to cooling season, our trusted local tech reported the A/C is really low on the old R-22 coolant and also pulling way too many amps on startup. He proposed it might be time to bite the bullet and fully replace the A/C and furnace together, and quoted $9k all in for a simple Bryant replacement setup (new 14 SEER A/C and matching gas furnace). However, he also offered the option of refilling the R-22 and installing a hard start kit for $600, to see if we could maybe buy a little more life out of the A/C before biting that bullet.

What would you folks recommend in our circumstance? Thanks very much.

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