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New item for me from Trader Joe's

5 months ago

I did my shopping today at Trader Joe's, mostly so I could get some quick, frozen meals for the weekend since I'll be working out in the garden a lot. I didn't want to have to spend a lot of time cooking. This is the first time I also bought a lot of meat there. In fact, I never usually buy meat at Trader Joe's, but got some of their ground beef, filet mignon and pork chops. Had part of one of the chops today. It was pretty good.

I saw a can of eggplant, tomatoes and onions on the shelf there and it sounded really good. I've never eaten it before and don't remember seeing it in the past, but don't really pay a whole lot of attention to that particular isle. Just had the other half of the pork chop, a little rice and a little bit of the eggplant mixture. It was really good.

Have you tried something new to you recently?

On the way to the checkout, near the candy stands out front, were a stand of tiny tomatoes. They looked really good and although, I never buy fresh, store tomatoes anymore, I decided to try them. They almost tasted like real tomatoes. Almost, not quite. Two of them were moldy and squashed so I washed all of them and ate them all in about an hour's time. It was a tiny package so it wasn't hard to do. I can't wait for my garden tomatoes!

I also bought a bouquet of flowers. I love their Spring flowers! I added a couple of my tiny daffodils to the bouquet from my garden. I do miss their coffee & snack samples. I wonder if it will ever come back?

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