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Murray mower won't turn over, engine maybe locked up?

I have an older Murray mower, model # 309029x92 with a Briggs & Stratton engine. I bought it new and have done all of the maintenance myself, and I keep it in a shed when it's not in use.

I tried to start it up for the first time of the year today. The engine turned a few times, then stopped cold before firing. It didn't slowly stop as if the battery had died, it just stopped hard.

I checked the gas, it was empty! I must have put it away last year empty, I'm not sure now but there's no gas underneath that would have leaked out. So I filled it up.

Oil was good and clean. Air filter was also clean.

I tried to jump it off with a car, but it still didn't turn. So it's not the battery.

I took off the engine cover and tried to turn it by hand... nope, that sucker's locked up tight! But I can turn the blades underneath with minimal effort.

Any suggestions on what to do next? What happened to make it lock up in the first place?

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