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Kitchen Sink Advice: Stainless farmhouse or stainless undermount?

2 years ago

I'm working on a plan for remodeling my kitchen, and struggling with a decision around the kitchen sink. We know we want a large single basin, and I prefer stainless steel to fireclay. I've been looking at stainless apron-front (aka farmhouse) sinks, but I'm worried the front will be easily scratched over time by belt buckles, etc. as we wash dishes. Can anyone with a stainless farmhouse sink comment on their experience? My partner and I are both very short, so we thought the farmhouse style might make it easier to reach into the sink, plus we like the look. Would love thoughts on stainless apron-front vs. stainless standard undermount. We'll be doing quartz countertops.

On a related note, we've seen the "workstation" style sinks (in apron front or undermount) seem to be popular right now. I'm curious if folks who have these think they're as great as they seem. It seemed like the ledges might collect dirt more readily than a standard undermount.

For reference, here are some of the ones we are considering (open to suggestions):

Apron Front Stainless option:

Undermount Stainless option:

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