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FOTESS: MARCH 2022 - Spring Clean Up and Green Up

Welcome to the FOTESS: MARCH 2022 - Spring Clean Up and Green Up Exchange. To participate please be a member of our FOTESS group.

This month is all about spring and the clean up that goes along with it, and naturally, the green up part that we all look forward to. Since FOTESS stands for "Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps" we will keep it simple and discuss natural/organic tips for clelaning up and greening up our spaces and will have 4 opportunities to share tips and recipes here with all of the other participants. Points and prizes will be awarded to everyone that participates. The exchange will be a a Spring themed card with 2 packets of garden seeds, and a 12 x 18 spring garden flag to display as a beautiful finishing touch after we get our gardens cleaned up and greened up. The price range for the flag should be $5 to $10.

We will have Spring Bingo in addition to the participation opportunities.

I hope you will all join in the fun this month!

Please sign up by March 5th, partners will be posted on March 6th and Bingo will start on March 8th. When you sign up please share any special garden theme you have and your three most favorite spring colors in the garden.

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