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March/April FOTESS Round Robin Poetry Swap!

11 years ago

Hi Everyone, and welcome to the Friends of the Earth - Simple Swap for March. During March and April, we're going to do a Poetry Round Robin!

But first, FOTESS is a group that requires membership. We emphasize being friendly to the earth by sharing seeds, recycling, upcycling and sharing what we have read and enjoyed. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Jeanne or myself.

Some of you may remember the Poetry Swap we did last April. I think everyone enjoyed it and we discovered that many of our members are good poets!

I'd like to try a variation of that theme this year and host a Poetry Round Robin. Many thanks to Jeanne for "donating" her month of March, so that we would have time to complete a true round robin.

Here's what would happen:
1. I'll post the first two lines of the poem on the swap site.

2. Then I'll send:
a, The first two lines of the poem,
b, 1 pack of seeds,
c. The list of instructions and the addresses
to the first person in line.

3. When that person receives the package, she will:
a. Remove the seeds and put them in her stash,
b. Post on the site that she received,
c. Write the next two lines of the poem,
d. Post the ENTIRE poem on the swap site
e. Cross her name off the list,
f. Mail the ENTIRE poem, 1 pack of seeds, the list of instructions and addresses on to the next person on the list.

I hope everyone can understand this! I would love to see LOTS of our members joining in on this, BUT in order for this to work, when you sign up, YOU MUST BE COMMITTED TO SENDING OUT YOUR PACKAGE WITHIN A DAY OR TWO OF RECEIVING!!

The order in which we mail will always be posted here on the site. I'll be keeping a close watch on all proceedings!

It should be fun and interesting to see what direction the poem takes, with all of us working on it!

Signups are until March 13th; I'll start the poem on it's way on the 14th. The swap will be finished when the poem has made it's way to all players and back to me, hopefully by the end of April. If not, we'll just keep on playing and writing until it's completed!

I'm going to use a legal sized envelope and 2 forever stamps to mail out. No DC required. Use your own judgement on how to mail.

If anyone would like to organize a game, bless you, I know I'm not going to have time. Just post here if you would like to do that!

Okay, I think I've covered everything. Any questions, concerns? Let me know!

Anybody up for writing some poetry?!
We'd love to have you join in!

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