Which rug size for kitchen: rectangle or runner?

Jen K (7b, 8a)
3 months ago

The Spicher and Company rug sizes I'm interested in are 3'2"x4'8" and 3'x7'8"

This space is 8' x 4'3" (essentially the length of the island)

Note: No specific design chosen yet. I want a rug just like the striped one in the picture with the tape measure: no rise, no-slip top, and washable. I can't find the striped rug anymore, bought it at Home Depot in 2013, otherwise, I'd buy it again in a larger size.

@chinacatpeekin - love to hear your thoughts

This is the space for the runner covering most of the width

This is the space for the rectangle covering most of the width.

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