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Best 300 gallon stocktank deicer?

catherinet (5IN)
5 months ago

I have a 300 gallon in-ground stocktank pond. I learned over the years to not keep it too "deiced" with too large a deicer here in centeral Indiana. It causes the frogs to go in and out of hibernation too often and can kill them. I've switched from a 1,500 deicer to a 250 deicer, and the 250 still keeps the entire pond ice-free.....which means (at least to me) that it's too warm for the frogs to stay in hibernation. I'm thinking a 50W bird bath heater is too small. I've seen the K&H 100W one that is kinda expensive and has a few bad reviews......but so far, it seems like the most reasonable one. Any suggestions?

I've kept my pump on as long as I could, to put oxygen into the water, but I got sick a couple days ago and it froze completely over. So this morning we hooked up the 250 heater again and I will keep my eye on it. Maybe I just need to turn off the GFCI to it intermittently, to keep it from warming up the entire stock tank?? Seems like no one is around here these days, but hopefully someone will have a suggestion or 2 for me.