Breaking Out the Chainsaw and Hedge Trimmer

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


Did 1/4 of the dormant winter pruning.

Alot of stooping over, pulling on stems, looking for direction of bud eye. Then taking a step back and thinning it out. I hate wearing thick leather gloves. I prefer dexterity with regular 'ole nitrile dipped gloves. I did get some pricklys poking ever now and then.

On cleanup, I did take a large lopper, ran it over all the canes in the wheel barrow and when small enough, I did don Leather Gloves Elbow High to grasp bundles of thorny canes as I transferred them into trash bags.

So tell me guys. Do you guys meticulously prune each one or do you sometimes subcumb to the power toolz. I dunno if I have it in me to do the other 75%. My patience left a couple months ago ;-)

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