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Help with Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer - 4 stroke options?

8 years ago

Hello all. This is my first post to the Gardenweb forum although I have been a long-time lurker. I have about 1/2 an acre of landscaping that I maintain myself and have slowly been upgrading my tools to ease the job.

It was time to trim our rounded olive bushed and pulled out my corded electric Black & Decker hedge trimmer. Now being the 2nd season, I realized that this trimmer was simply underpowered for what I need.

I'd like some advice on gas powered hedge trimmers. I see lots of 2 stroke options but trying to keep my equipment either electric or regular gas (4 stroke) to keep things simple. My mower and line trimmer are 4 stroke already.

Are there any options you would recommend?

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