T&T recipe for Vietnamese Caramel(ized) Pork

3 months ago

Last week, the fam and I went to an Irish pub. Their special that night was Vietnamese Caramel Pork or it may have been Caramelized Pork, not sure. Regardless, it was wonderful. It appeared to be a cut similar to pork butt and it appeared to be braised.

Now DD and I are on the hunt for a copy-cat recipe. She tried one recipe tonight and said it was not good. She thought the fish sauce was overwhelming and the caramelization process called for equal parts sugar and water. I don’t think it ever cooked down into a caramel.

I’ve looked at several online recipes but none of them braised the meat. I’m almost sure it had to be braised. It pulled apart very easily and had the wonderful unctuousness that braised meats have.

If you have a T&T recipe and are willing to share it, we would be most appreciative.

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