Rinnai Tankless Recirculation Pump Noise!

3 months ago

We live in a 1950 L-shaped ranch house where the utility room is in the back. With our old hot water tank, we had to wait almost five minutes for hot water to reach the kitchen and farthest bathroom and even then it was just warm at best. So when the old tank needed to be replaced, we switched to a gas-fired Rinnai tankless RUR 199i with built-in recirculation pump. It's wonderful to have instant hot water everywhere, but we were not prepared for the noise of the pump. We are home all day, so the pump timer is set for 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. When it operates (which is fairly often), we hear a noise I can best describe as like a motor running. Like when the refrigerator runs, but louder and more noticeable. It is not vibration in the pipes, as has been discussed in other online forums, and we don't hear it elsewhere in the house. Our bedroom and my office are located by the utility room, though, so there is no escaping it much of the time. On, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, all day long. On installation day I asked the plumber about it and he said, "It's probably the fan, but no one has ever complained about the noise before." It was the end of a long day and so I didn't pursue it. But fast forward two months later and the noise is really annoying. I know we could turn off or change the timer settings, but that defeats the purpose of getting instant hot water. My question is: Is this noise normal? I'm reluctant to bring back the plumbers if it's something we'll just have to live with. Thanks in advance for sharing experience and advice.

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