Front foundation plants need redo

4 months ago

Our long ranch house faces mostly south and gets a lot of afternoon sun. Currently it is planted with iris, some peonies, and daylilies. The deer have developed a taste for the daylilies so I’m digging them out this year and moving them. The peonies are also moving. I love the iris but their beauty doesn’t last long. I want to keep them, even them out, and keep them toward the back of the front foundation border. In the front border I thought about white perennial Veronica/speedwell or white perennial salvia. These are easy care and deer resistant. I like the idea of a long row of white up against the house. We are in zone 6. I don’t want annuals - too much work to replace every year.

Given the exposure to hot afternoon sun, deer, desire to keep iris but have something blooming after they are done - is Salvia or Speedwell a good idea? Anything other ideas?

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