Quartz countertops and kids

4 months ago

We currently have the old gold/brown/black granite and looking to replace it in the next few months. I've settled on quartz, after checking out several stone yards and no liking any granite or quartzite slabs I saw. I have 2 kids and a messy husband, and find that our current granite hides nearly every mess which I prefer. I like to clean my countertops in the evening (or if any spills occur) and not be bothered by every single crumb throughout the day. I learned from our flooring experience that I can be neurotic about cleaning (we had dark wood floors that showed every. single. crumb. and dog hair and it drove me bonkers...then we had an unfortunate/fortunate pipe burst and got new white oak floors that hide nearly everything so I don't feel compelled to vacuum 5000 times a day). The problem is, I'm drawn to the brighter white quartz with soft gray veining (cabinets are SW snowbound white) and not sure that is the wisest choice for me...will it show every crumb and drip? I've brought home a few busier "stone like" samples and didn't love them...they looked too manufactured. Any suggestions for a busier colored quartz that I won't regret with regards to keeping it looking clean? Or anyone with kids recommend or regret getting white quarts with soft veining? My kids don't do paint/projects on the countertops, I'm more concerned with crumbs and drips driving me crazy.

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