Kitchen Backsplash: Stick with white? Is green too much?

Missa Uhlman
7 days ago

We are remodeling our house and we are having the cabinets made in a black walnut / painted black mix like in the first two photos. Open shelving, too. I also love a good pop of color and I thought green tile would helpmake the kitchen feel really fresh and bring a little nature feel indoors. I've been looking at tile that's a little lighter than the last two photos (something in the neighborhood of kelly green to apple green), but the same idea as pictured, where it would be green tile from the counter up to the lowest shelves, and then white subway tile from the lowest shelves up to the ceiling. Now I'm wondering if the green is going to make the whole look too busy... Thoughts? Can the cabinets handle a pop of green or should I stick to white and just add some plants?

Green & White

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