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Layout remodel HELP!!

Martha Herr
5 months ago

I am in the process of remodeling the kitchen, living, and dining room and have completely gutted everything. This is a 1400sq home so not huge. I have made the kitchen bigger by moving the south wall back 3'. This has not given me a very small and awkward shaped living room. I am thinking about opening up the garage and converting it to the living room and using the current living room as a dining area? I am so indecisive about the whole layout that I can't decide on anything. I would like to keep the kitchen no smaller than what it is but also have room for a dining room table as the little corner in the top left at the end of the kitchen is the dining area. What are your thoughts? Does anyone have an idea for a "flowing" space-efficient layout? I've attached a photo of a software sketch I did that includes the rough measurements and another that color codes the different rooms. Open to any and all suggestions!

Oh! Also, if you see where the washer and dryer are in the picture, I absolutely HATE where they are and have no clue as to where I could move these to?

Orange: Kitchen & Dining area

Green: Where we would like to build our pantry

Red: Washer & dryer

Blue: Living room

Purple: Garage

Pink: Front door

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