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Help with living room furniture placement!

Lauren Hawthorne
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I cannot decide where to place our couch, so any advice would be appreciated! We are planning on getting a lighter neutral/ off white sectional in the same shape and size as the one we have now.

My big questions are

  1. Where do we place the couch?
  2. Which side should we have the chaise on?

Option one: couch against the wall

The couch against the wall makes the room feel so much bigger and more open, but the tv would be off the the side. We have a 75” tv so it would fit on the wall, but it may not look great. We are a huge movie household so our tv and a large comfy couch are important, especially for when we have guests over.

We are also considering getting a pull down projector screen that would come down over the hallway, but that may be a pain to pull it up anytime someone needs to use a restroom during a movie.

Option two: Floating couch

The couch floating in the living room with the back lined up with the kitchen island. The tv would be mounted on the large wall. Then we’d have the option to put a bar cart or cabinet on the smaller wall behind the couch.

Either spot we put the couch, I don't know what side to put the chaise on.

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