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Help on living room furniture placement

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello! I’ve struggled for so long with how to place furniture in my living room! The room is in the front of the house with a large boxed bay window. Across from the window is a fireplace. The distance between the two is not large enough to create separate spaces and not small enough to maintain one. to the left and right of the boxed bay window are two large doorways- one enters into my kitchen and the other enters into my foyer. So essentially there is a walkthrough to get to either room so I can not have furniture in the way otherwise you’d have to walk through the seating arrangement when comin in front door to get to my kitchen.

To complicate matters Id like to turn the living room into a less formal room since it’s off the kitchen. Not a family room but s more casual space for when we entertain and want another room to hang in that’s not stiff. So perhaps a tv above the fireplace? I’ve thought of two more casual chairs in window and maybe two sofas facing one another flanking the fireplace but not sure about it. im Hoping someone can give me detailed suggestions, even how big a rug should be, or where to put side tables and lamps. I’m most likely going to replace all furniture w new. Biggest issue are the doorways and the fact that the room is a step down as well. Thanks in advance!

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