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New computer issues

last year
last modified: last year

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and replace my computer, but I have some issues with it which some of you may be able to help me with. What made me jump are the following:

1. I was at my nearest Costco (which is a 2 hour drive plus a ferry ride from me) and saw some computers with Windows11.

2. As with everything from Costco, it has generous return privileges.

3. The other store within 100 miles of me (BestBuy) had closed their doors.

4. The one I was interested in and purchased is fairly high end, with an I7 processor, separate graphics processor, 16 GB RAM, and a 1 TB solid state drive.

It's a Samsung, if that make any difference (my earlier ones have been either HP or Dell).

First issue, which I should have noticed, is that it doesn't have an Ethernet port. It does have 2 USBC and one Thunderbolt ports, and I see that there are both RJ45-USBC adapters and cables available; do these work well?

2. Poor setup documentation (actually none!).

3. I had earlier purchased an Office 365 Family subscription and installed it on my current computer. This new one had me download and setup the same thing, but it thinks I still have 5 more setups available (since the Family subscription allows 6 total, and I had already used 1, that number should now be 4). I'm concerned that it isn't using my existing subscription.

4. It still pops up with an 'Install Office' message; since MS has an Office variant which works over the internet using OneDrive, I'm concerned that that's what it's trying to do.

Any suggestions, other than return it? And, if I choose to return it, how do I remove all the content specific to me?

PS My flakey network problem hasn't totally gone away, it may be my ISP, because periodically, I'm streaming something on my iPhone and I get the message "Your internet service has stopped, do you want to switch to Cellular?", which I don't do and the connection is soon restored.

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