What to put on a 12' slider and adjacent windows?

last month

I back up to an elementary school which is used by the neighbors as a walking park in off hours. When the foliage between us is down, a person can stand on the school property and look right down into my LR/DR. Probably too much Dateline but I'm just sure there is a deranged person out there peering in at night.

Love drapes but also love modern clean lines. There is only 20" on each side of the doors for stack back if I were to do drapes or vertical blinds (yikes, back to the 80's). There's also only 5" above the 3.5" trim at the top of the sliders. Would prefer not to cover windows with a header.

Beside the slider is a bank of windows that also needs to be covered. Same issues with header and stack backs.

My preference is something that filters/distorts the view as we like to look out probably more than someone might like to look in, but maybe not possible.

I've considered mounting something on the outside, but what?

Any ideas?

Pics of interior and exterior below.


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