Fertilizer Needed for New Sod in Fall

Amir F
last month

My parents had new sod installed and I'm wondering if fertilizer is needed for their new lawn? They live in Ontario, Canada and weather is around 41F to 64F right now.

They are old so they can't apply fertilizer themselves so I got in touch with a lawn care company and this is what they offered to do:

"This fall we recommend a Granular Compost and a fertilizer. Granular Compost adds nutrients to the lawn that increase the effectiveness of fertilizer and improves the soil structure and drought tolerance. We use 90% slow release fertilizers on new lawn to help establish a strong, healthy root structure. Unlike cheaper high nitrogen fertilizer, these won't damage your lawn (burn it) or cause surge growth which weakens the roots."

Is this needed? do you recommend this? Just want to make sure this won't damage the new sod and if it's really needed.

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