Treating tall fescue on Kentucky blue grass

11 days ago

I live on zone 5(Chicago suburb). Over last 3 years the tall fescue has been taking over my KBG lawn. This fescue grows like in a clump. I tried using roundup in places, but haven't been much successful since fescue is popping in most places. I have been asking my lawn care provider (Trugreen), they don't guarantee to treat fescue since they tell it is a type of grass. They use some products, which I see slows down the fescue, but haven't been successful since the fescue again pops all over. This year, I have also over seeded heavily before couple of weeks in this fall, hoping the Spring would help. I see a lit of fescue now as well.
I don't want to be redoing my lawn. Is there any product in market that I could use to treat my KBG lawn to get rid of fescues? Using roundup as spot treating looks like not an option, since I have tried my best in the past.

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