When and how to prune a young Quince tree

11 days ago

I got a Quince tree from a local nursery, and on closer inspection I realized that the tall branch (see second photo) comes actually from below the grafting (see first photo, the tall branch is the one on the right).

I'm not good with trees, so I don't know what is the best course of action right now.

I wrote to the nursery but I'm still waiting for their response.

I also asked on a FB group, but people mostly said that quince tree are not usually grafted...only that I can clearly see a clean cut, grafting tape and also the taller branch has different, smaller leaves.

If I decide to keep it what would be the order and timing of pruning this sprouting and planting the tree (I'm in Zone 9b, and last year we maybe had only 3-4 days of light frost)?

Also, please advise if you have any other suggestions for caring for it!!!

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