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New to Caring for Clivia, Questions About Wintering to Induce Flowers

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last year

A bit of background, I'm an American expat in Austria. I've spent a good deal of time in Clivia land in Swaziland (where I conducted research on wildlife) and in South Africa (where I met my wife).

Anyhow, I recently acquired this rather large Clivia at a second hand store. Because this is a thrift store buy I really don't know anything about its provenance or what variety it is, or what color the flowers are. I've had it outside now for a couple of weeks to give it a cold rest to induce flowering. Night time temperatures are starting to dip very close to 0*C and I worry that this might be too cold. We have a cellar with a SSE facing window but it has only been getting down to about 14*C right next to the cracked open window.

My questions: are brief periods of 0*C acceptable to Clivias? Is night temperature of 14-15*C and daytime temperatures of 17-18 suitable to induce flowering?

Thanks in advance for any sage words of advice!

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