Peppi comes to visit....and cook!

last month
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Peppi and I have been to several of the Cooking Forum get togethers in the past. She's been at my house, I've been at hers. She came to my wedding, and my daughters' weddings, along with her dear departed father (who we miss terribly). We've become really good friends, along with Sherry (sheshebop), who I miss a lot too.

Anyway, she was getting pretty restless, and I told her to just drive right over here to Michigan. She's been vaccinated, Elery and I are too. We have been very careful about where we go and who we see and still mask up when we go to the grocery store or the feed store. So, Mother went to my brother's and Peppi showed up on Friday evening.

Because I wasn't home, I was driving Mother home, we just had a charcuterie platter with some cheese, olives, she brought proscuitto and Elery added some homemade venison Italian sausage. I baked focaccia and cheese coins and added some of my home pickled biquinho peppers, basil green beans and pickled asparagus. We ate and talked and just generally caught up...

To be continued...

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