How To Finish Wood After Stripping Paint?

26 days ago

First time posting here, hope I’ve done it right :

This month I moved to a rental that is in pretty rough shape, with a classic lack-luster landlord. Soo, I’ve been doing a lot of things for the first time. Considering the state of the property, I figured I could do no real harm through my endeavors. Something I really wanted to do was paint..

In my room there are two paneled walls that I started to scrape paint drips off to prep for a new color, and it peeled to what seemed like cool wood. I really like wood. So naturally, I’ve started the project of paint stripping.

But! I need some feedback.. I think I’m in over my head. The section of panel in the photo is maybe 1/4 of the total project.

I think the stain stripped in some places.. its all uneven.. is there a way to even it out again? I figured I would give the wood a finish when i was done anyways, but I don’t know what outcomes are possible anymore..

I want to do a good job :—(

(ignore the trim, that is my last step)

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