Omega Cabinets Issues

Luis Jugo
2 months ago

We are doing a major renovation in our house and Omega Cabinets is putting the entire project at risk (our contractor might not be able to support). We already started and now will likely be without a kitchen for 6 months.

Seriously disappointed with Omega Cabinets and their customer service. We ordered our cabinets (expected already a delayed 16-18 week delivery timeline) and they keep changing the delivery date. Initially pushing 4 weeks (no notification) and now 4 additional weeks, expecting now 26 weeks since the order date and they are NOT committing to delivery date. Their responses to our inquiries have been minimal and attribute to an internal design issue.

This issue should not be transferred down to the customer and to make matters worst they have been unresponsive to our/kitchen designer requests.

We had assumed delays in the project given the supply chain constraints, but this is frankly unacceptable. Simply taking advantage of people. This is costing extra money.

We are going to seek reparations with our lawyer.

This is unacceptable behavior towards the consumer. We had better hopes.


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