From Traditional to Modern

Zahraa Thaher
last month

My husband and I recently bought a matching bedroom set which I truly regret but it is too late to return it. I had in mind to mix and match my bedroom set for more modern farmhouse vibe but not sure how I got trapped :( It's more of traditional style brown wood and our walls are beige (planning on painting the walls) I need help figuring out what color of paint I should use throughout the room and how to style the room to make it less dark/ old and more modern with more colors/patterns. I like mid century modern and modern farmhouse style or just anything to make the room more on the modern side with pretty colors. What colors should I buy for bedding and pillows and how many pillows do I need both regular and decretive? What color of table lambs & curtains should I buy? I would also like to purchase a new desk and chair to possibly have in front of the window. I'm also thinking about adding skinny book shelfs on each side of the window. What color or style would go best with the room? Is there anything else to add to the room to make it look more modern and cozy? Would black or white shiplap behind the bed would be a good idea? I'm thinking about doing black shiplap and white or egg shell for the rest of the room.

We also bought 2 accent mirror to put behind the night stand but they were dark brown so I sand it down and now I'm not sure what color to paint? (I will attach inspiration photo of the accent mirror behind night stand and the actual

mirror we bought)

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