Roof & termite inspection

Par Asm
last month


My roof is about 20 year old, and still have 10-15 years of life left (according to realtor & also a trustworthy neighbor). However I see some parts of the roof are exposed (maybe 1-2 percent of the area). So I need to get that fixed.

Meanwhile I also learnt that the neighboring houses have had termite issues. Recently the next house was sold, and the buyer decided to do fumigation. So I think I also need to get my house checked for termite.

I live in California, and we are about 2 months away from the rainy season. I would prefer to get these things done before the rainy season.

What I am not sure is whether I need to call different folks to get this job done? Or is it the same company that can do both?

If there are different companies, what is the right order to get this done?

Your help is really appreciated.

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