20 year living room problem- need placement help!

Tracy Renner
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Hello! My living room has always been akward as the couch with chaise sits against the wall (only place possible due to a walkway to my kitche) so the tv stand is set accross from the couch and therefore not symetrical with the wall. Therefore i have always had a difficult time decorating as the space on the wall to the left and right are different lengths. I simply dont know what to do and would love fresh ideas as I am getting new kitchen cabinets in two weeks and would love new looks for both rooms as they are open, Thank you so much for the help!

***edit- thanks so much for current feedback- I am so excited about the comments, even though my info was very subpar. Here are my measurements and more pics.

** tv wall is 14 feet long - and the hallway the left is 3 feet. Wall includes the 60 inch TV stand which i will gladly replace for bigger! I don’t need the chair and I love the idea of an accent wall- maybe blue? The couch with chaise is 110 inches and then I only have 55 inches from the end of the couch to the wall. The counch goes right up to the wall with the windows. The little space where i have that small white cabinet is 36 inches. it has been there for 20 years- would love something else, but what? My kitchen will be replaced with white cabinets but since it is not a big kitchen, the layout will virtually be exactly the same. The front of the kitchen cabinets to the back of the couch is 12’8 (if that measurement is needed) I am replacing the
flooring of the kitchen and wonder if doing a darker floor and doing it throughout the living room will make the space bigger as the carpet in the living room won’t ”stop the flow”- or maybe that won’t help? Added photos from a variety of angles. Thanks so much for the current and future feedback!

Edit 9/14- i decided to to return the rug and try to find something lighter and more informal. any ideas would be appreciatedOates! did temporarily move the kitchen rug to the living room just to see and it is too small, plus in bad shape anyway. found a big blue picture in my storage to put on wall, and removed the ” look at me” ! cabinet and put the vertical picture on the wall, already looks so much bigger! Any ideas of living room or kitchen rugs? i would like to order navy blue velvet drapes- unless you kind people hate that thought. ordered a tall plant for the corner and found a tv stand around 80 inches that i will be ordering shortly. thank you all for the feedback- your ideas are fantastic!

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