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Please help renovated dated beach house kitchen/living room!!

last year

I would appreciate help from the Houzz community! We just purchased a small beach house that needs work but we need to be economical in our renovation. The room in question is 17x22 feet and has the living area and kitchen. The cabinets are so old and worn but it will be too costly to replace them. I have been looking for beachy paint colors and I think we’d like to use SW 6218 Tradewinds or SW 6211 Rainwashed in the space. We want to keep the Woodstove, don’t mind changing the brick fire paneling behind it, but need to do something with the cabinets, walls and flooring!! We would like to take the extended counter away from the kitchen cabinets, place a table in the kitchen space and extend the countertop (quartz?) below the existing kitchen cabinets (we cannot extend the lower cabinets because there is an electric heater below the existing table). Would you driftwood the cabinets? Paint white? We do not want to touch the ceiling primarily because of cost. In addition, my husbands 2 favorite features are the Woodstove and the ceiling so I’d like to work around changing those and update at the same time. Any ideas? I am leaning towards the tradewinds color walls but don’t know where to go from there. I know wall color should really be last but I didn’t know where else to start!!

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