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Finally! 'Moving in' to our renovated beach house... almost!

12 years ago

Well, tomorrow was the day that our vacation was to start at our "new" beach house. For those who don't know, we started a renovation on this place right after Christmas. A fairly basic expansion of the second floor turned into almost an entire re-build of the whole house, long story, but our original plan was to begin Oct. '09 and be finished by May '10. Ha. Ha. Started end of Dec. '09 and it's... just about done. (And so is summer!) So, we've had most of the furniture from the house sitting in a POD. The rest has been sitting in the garage. And we have a bunch of stuff here at home that I've been accumulating over the months, including a set of screen porch furniture that I got on CL. So I arranged for the POD to be re-delivered today. Rented a U-Haul to get the other stuff from here to there. Hired a couple of guys to help for 2 hours of moving furniture in and setting up beds.

And then.

Yesterday we got the call. Well, the electrician didn't finish something (as always, I am fuzzy on details when it comes to this stuff) so the house did not pass inspection. They were hoping they could finish the missing piece today, then call the inspector, but the inspector wants 3 days' notice to schedule an inspection, so best case scenario, we may be able to get in on Wednesday next week. Agggh. So... I made a few calls and got us rooms at a cheapo hotel nearby, so we can at least be close by, go to the beach, etc. What an enormous pain in the neck this has been, rescheduling everything. And disappointing, obviously, because we are dying to get back into our house!

We will be able to go into the house tomorrow, but we can't move a single piece of furniture in. It will still be exciting to see it. It is about 95% finished. Kitchen and vanity counters are going in Monday. They are working on stair railings, balusters, etc., today. The yard is a big mess; landscaping won't be done until next month, and the outdoor shower isn't yet built. The screen porch doesn't have screens or a floor yet. But once we get the OK to move in, I am going to work like a nut to get everything pulled together. I've been thinking about this for so long, I have a pretty good vision of each room, so I think everything will come together quickly.

I will post the final "after" photos when I can!

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